Adrian is in Soho. Collecting duplicate tapes from Stanley’s in Wardour Street.

Deciding to take a short cut through St Anne’s Court he happens to glance up.

And spots a sign.


The studio where David Bowie recorded his early albums. Including 1970!

On a whim he presses the door bell. 


About to turn away, ‘Hello’ crackles through the intercom.

‘Oh. Hi’. . .  ‘I’m working on some early Bowie. Wondered what you do here now.’


‘I’ve got some tapes here. Just collected them from Stanley’s . . . . .’


Being invited in, Adrian follows Nigel up the stairway to the studio.

A first for Adrian – but, as he takes a seat, he quickly takes in the large pull down projector screen.

‘Oh, so you do film AND audio?’

Nigel quickly paraphrases what he does. Post production – Dropping sound effects into film. Footstep noises, doors closing.

’ Exciting stuff like that’, he grins.

But he was also a musician!


Adrian hands him a video tape and the corresponding audio CD.

‘It’s the only Bowie track I’ve identified so far. Memory of a Free Festival.  An organ right at the start. But then it’s close up of him singing – so should be good for syncing the audio.’


Tape and CD in hand Nigel disappears behind his console.

 ‘I don’t know the track – but it’ll be a nice change. Let’s give it a go!’ 


PAUSE || at the exact spot that Bowie opens his mouth to sing.

Adrian is reminded of doing the rough sync in his flat. Using video player and record deck. Audio and video playing separately – roughly matched. 

But this is different.

The screen is 4 feet wide – and everything is exact.

Nigel teases the audio into exact sync with Bowie’s first word. Then lets it play. 

Gauging the difference in speed of the audio and video he keys in the speed correction to the audio.


Now the first phrase is a perfect fit!

Same for the second phrase. Phrase by phrase it builds up.

‘Let’s take a look’ Nigel suggests



There it is. On the big screen, Perfect!

The first part of the video is alive! 

And maybe in the same studio as the original audio recording!


When Adrian re-emerges onto the street he is clutching the precious tape. The first audio-visual of Atonic Sunrise.  They are the first people to see Atomic like this since 1970. 

He’s hooked. Can’t wait for more! 

To be continued

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